Are you drowning in debt?  Are you behind on your mortgage and facing foreclosure on your home?  Bankruptcy may be the answer for you.  Bad things happen to good people everyday.  No one likes to find themselves in the position where they cannot pay their bills, are behind on their mortgage or car payments and are facing garnishment of their wages.  Generally, bankruptcy is caused by loss of job, divorce or unanticipated large medical expenses.  Many Oklahomans are facing your exact situation.  Filing for bankruptcy is a tough decision but it is worth it to be relieved of the stress and anxiety of being unable to pay your bills. For some, it is possible to regroup financially and find a way to catch up on those bills. For others, this climb is so steep that it is virtually impossible to ever catch up.  The mortgage companies won’t work with you and the credit card companies add on late fees and ridiculous interest making your debt higher. If this situation sounds familiar, it may be the right time to talk to an Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorney.

Get Personal Attention From Attorney Anna L. Self

When you are considering bankruptcy, it is likely you already feel like you are being swallowed by several large corporations such as credit card companies, mortgage companies, department stores, hospitals and clinics, and more. The last thing you need to do is step into the door of another giant that just asks you to take a number and then passes you on to a paralegal or other legal assistant. When you walk in a lawyer’s office, you should be able to talk to a lawyer. With Attorney Anna L. Self, that is just what you get.

While Anna also practices in the areas of family law and probate, the majority of her practice is dedicated toward Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases for individuals as well as businesses. Her firm commitment to her clients keeps her involved in each person’s case from the time they walk in for an initial free consultation until the case comes to a resolution. Throughout the process, she welcomes questions by phone or email, and answers each message personally.

Experience on Your Side

Going through a bankruptcy is more complicated than simply coming to the conclusion that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills. Depending on your specific situation, you may qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, where your non-exempt assets are liquidated to pay something to your creditors.  Depending on the type of property that you own, most people do not lose any of their property by filing Chapter 7.  Many refer to Chapter 7  as a “fresh start”.   A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep property that you would lose by filing Chapter 7.  It is often referred to as “debt consolidation”.  It is also an  option for people who have too much income to qualify for Chapter 7.  Chapter 13 usually stops the interest on your credit card debt allowing you to pay on the principal to get it paid off quicker.  Chapter 13 can also stop a foreclosure on your home allowing you time to catch up on your mortgage payments.

Through the process there is a lot of examining of your finances, forms to file in court, and deadlines to meet. Since 1998 when she first opened up her own firm, Attorney Anna L. Self has been serving Western, Central and Southern Oklahoma clients who have found themselves in the situation of not being able to pay their bills . She believes that these personal issues deserve her personal attention, and that’s just what her clients get.

Serving Oklahoma with Experienced Legal Representation

Everyone deserves a second chance. Bankruptcy does just that for many people who are in debt over their financial heads. You can stop foreclosures, end harassment from bill collectors and get a fresh start through perfectly acceptable legal actions like Bankruptcy Chapter 7. Another option for many people is found in a Bankruptcy Chapter 13 reorganization and repayment program. Don’t suffer with debt problems any longer; get the legal representation and help you deserve, today. Contact the Oklahoma City, OK, law office of Anna L. Self, Attorney at Law. Set up your first consultation and get ready to move forward with less stress and more peace of mind. Call now, at (405) 631-5995.