IRS problems

None of us ever want to experience problems with the Internal Revenue Service but unfortunately, thousands of people encounter problems daily. Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is challenging and stressful.  We can take that stress away from you. You may be facing unfiled tax returns, unpaid taxes, interest and penalties or the IRS may be dunning you for taxes that you do not owe.  Regardless of the issues you are facing with the IRS you may require the services of an Oklahoma City IRS attorney. Having an attorney serving as a buffer between you and an IRS agent can ensure your rights are protected.

What cases are handled by Attorney Anna L. Self?

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services to our clients when it comes to IRS matters. We offer counsel regarding the following IRS issues:

  • Installment agreements – we help you reach an agreement with the IRS to repay back taxes owed
  • Offers in compromise – if you are unable to pay the full tax burden we may be able to negotiate a compromise offer
  • Wage garnishments – we may be able to offer some relief from  wage garnishments
  • Tax settlement – there may be options available to you to settle your tax debt for less than what is owed
  • Tax levies and liens – if you are trying to sell an asset that has an IRS lien we may be able to negotiate a release
  • Penalties and interest – we may be able to keep the IRS from adding additional penalties and interest on your past tax debt
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy – some taxes may be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Owing money to the Internal Revenue Service can keep you from sleeping at night.  No one wants to owe Uncle Sam.  However, there may be a way to work with the Internal Revenue Service to reduce your obligation, impliment an installment agreement, prevent huge  penalties and interest from increasing your debt and resolve back tax issues.

When you need an attorney to help you deal with an Internal Revenue Service audit, you have unpaid  taxes or you have failed to file tax returns, we serve as a knowledgeable advocate to help you resolve these issues. For more than 17 years, Attorney Anna L. Self has been proudly helping the hard working people of Oklahoma when they are facing difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service. Ignoring tax problems is never a good idea, since these problems will not go away without working with the IRS. Contact Attorney Anna L. Self if you are facing any problems with the Internal Revenue Service. We will do our best to help resolve the issues you have in a fair and equitable manner.